Drinking Socially – For One Year.

In all the rigga-ma-roll that’s been going on lately I totally missed a post I intended to do which was one for my one year anniversary on Untappd.  For those of you who aren’t using Untappd you can find a basic break down here.  I’m not going to do any big intro, but I will say that one thing that’s scary about Untappd is that it will show you exactly how much you’re drinking.  So don’t be timid.  Let’s run it down by the numbers.

3 – May 3rd, 2011.  I joined Untappd.  My first check-in was Gordon Biersch’s Maibock.  I liked this beer, although everything I’ve had from them since hasn’t been as good.

18 – My largest number of check-ins for a single beer, Guinness.  I did it of course over Saint Patty’s Day weekend.  It could have been higher.  I built a wall that weekend out of the empties, ~30 in all, but got lazy about checking them in.  It’s a tradition I do every year, but I think I’m done.  I’m not as young as I used to be.

1 – Places I hold the top number of check-ins.  Apparently I’m the only person who’s ever used Untappd at Cantwell’s Tavern.  My 3 check-in’s are the highest for that bar.

83 – Badges earned.  Untappd awards badges for beers you drink, venues you check-in to and occasional special badges.  The badge I’m most proud of – I’ve been thinking about this for the past couple of days and to be honest, I can’t pick one .   But I do lean towards the “venue” badges because it tells me I’m getting out in the world with my fellow craft beer lovers.  The badge I’m least proud of – “All American”.  I had to choke down a bunch of swill beer for that one.  Badge that keeps eluding me – “Brew Crawl”.  You have to check-in a beer at three different bars in one night.  I don’t bar hop much, and when I have I have either forgotten to check in a beer at one of the places, or Foursquare doesn’t denote one of the places as a “bar”.

382 – Unique check-ins.  In one year I’ve checked in 382 unique beers.  At my current pace (which I will not be keeping up over the summer) I should have my “Legen…..(wait for it)……dary” badge (500 unique beers) by September.  I should probably have something special, but not sure what yet.

1 – Beers on my wish list.  Victory’s Old Horizontal.  Victory decided not to brew it this year because of their lack of capacity.  It’s a constant reminder how much I hate them right now, LOL.  But they’re opening a new brewery so I can think of no better beer to test the equipment out with then Old Horizontal.  Just sayin’.

20 – Beer style with the highest number of check-ins, Double IPA.  I was actually surprised when I saw this because I can name three to four other beer styles that I like more.  But as a wise football coach said one day, “You are what your record says you are!”

Top Drinkers at Two Stones Pub

77 – Most check-ins at a venue.  I’m currently second at Two Stones Pub for the most check-ins.  I was first for a long time, until some guy named Paul W ousted me.  He currently has me by one check in.

196 – Friends on Untappd.  Like Facebook, Untappd allows you to “friend” people.  This give you the ability to see and comment on what their drinking, thus bringing the “social” into “drinking socially”.  Like friends on Facebook, mine on Untappt can be broken down into groups.  Some are people I’ll never meet, people who I friended or they friended me because we saw each other on other friend’s friends list (that’s a lot of “friend” in one sentence).  Some I’ve been lucky enough to meet in my travels over the past year, people like Trisha, Brandon, Dana and Jay.  Others are fellow bloggers such as John (Beer Review), Megan (Meganvsbeer), Patrick (Beer Delaware), Michelle (Stouts and Stilettos), Logan (Blog About Beer), Zack (Beer Is My Church) and G-Lo (It’s Just the Booze Dancing).

2 – Number of beers I hold the greatest number of check-ins for.  You wouldn’t think it would be possible with all the beer drinkers out there that you could hold the greatest number of check-ins for a beer, but someone has to.  I currently hold the most check-ins for Blithering Idiot (14) and Milwaukee’s Best Ice (17).  Yeah the second one I’m not to proud of but like I said, this app will tell you things about your drinking that you may not want to know.

500 – Total beers checked in.  As I type this I’ve checked in to 500 beers in Untappd.  Some badges require you have to check-in multiples of one beer, and even so you’re allowed to check-in a specific beer as many times as you want.  Although I have 382 unique check-ins, I’ve checked in 500 total beers.  If we assume $6 a beer that’s $3000 in beer.  Some people may cringe at that, but hey I know people who spend WAY more than that on their hobbies!

Time for another beer…..and another year of drinking socially….


Author: Ed (The Dogs of Beer)

Beer Blog focused on Delaware & surrounding area. Drinker of beer. Writer of stuff. Over user of commas. Dangler of prepositions.

4 thoughts on “Drinking Socially – For One Year.”

  1. I love Untappd! I feel like we should all share our stats now!

    I created my account on Dec 9 2010, have 1069 total check-ins, 676 unique, 77 badges, my first check in was Well’s Banana Bread Beer, I’m up to 110 friends, my top 2 most checked-in beers are Miller Lite (LOL) at 82 check ins and Troegs 2011 Mad Elf at 15, 49 check ins to my favorite style Imperial Stouts, highest check in venue is my house the Danger Zone.

    Yay for logging our debauchery 🙂

  2. I’m not nearly as prolific on Untappd. Here are the basic stats over about 18 months:

    200 beers in total
    165 unique beers
    107 friends
    30 badges

    After looking a bit closer, it would appear that I missed many a Check In and am therefore sandbagging my stats. I gots some work to do!

    Lovely post. Thanks for sharing!


  3. I’m a Newbie, but I just got my Apprentice badge this weekend! [fist bumps]
    Here’s my stats:
    Joined: May 1, 2012
    Total: 36 (but like G-LO, I’ve missed some check-ins)
    Unique: 26
    Badges: 11
    Friends: 23
    As Ed would say, “Time for another beer!”
    (And thanks for the mention!)

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