Welcome to The Delaware Beer Blog/The Dogs of Beer!

Just a little mom and pop blog written by a guy who’s been in the beer scene for over 30 years. A heaping serving of beer, a side dish of other topics, and a sprinkle of pop culture to help to bring them all together in a symphony for the sublime.

The players in this four act theatre of the absurd? Me (Ed – the Idiot Behind the Keyboard), The GF (Tracey – Hater of Hops, Lover of Wit), and The Editor (Canis Lupus Familiaris – Photos, Layout, Ass Pain)

We live and drink in the Northern region of Delaware and the surrounding areas writing about whatever beer related thing we happen to walk into – most of the time uninvited.

I’m not going to lie (I’m lying) this is a severely structured blog here at tDoB (“Who calls them that?”, “Mostly themselves.”); consisting of riveting, world altering international stories (never happens), hectic deadlines (those either), and daily posts (not even close).

Posts can range from mostly beer to food, BBQ, TV, movies – hell, even Halloween! For more Delaware-centric posts see my Facebook page where I post links to other blogs, local events of interest, upcoming label art, and my foto-friday post.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a no ratings zone (well, except for that one summer) because I think me telling you that a beer is 4 out of five, only means that it’s a 4 out of 5 too me. You might disagree, and that’s fine. Although I will admit I try to give it a somewhat half-assed attempt on Untappd.

On a couple of occasions I’ve accidentally written something that others found worthy of note. My blog has been both Freshly Pressed and Daily Posted by WordPress.com, and I’m the Delaware representative for Beer Infinity. Then there was that one time that the Dogfish Head Alehouse blog included me on their list of top 6 websites for beer lovers.

So FOLLOW along. Go ahead, click the follow button……C L I C K I T……


Don’t let that cute face fool you.

Current: Buddy, Lab Mix, aka “Buddy Bear”, “goofadoodles”, “gazebo dog”, “tap dancer”, “Sunday sausage dog”, “pickles”, “nooner”.  Currently performing the duties as photo and layout editor.  This might be the death of me.





Hard at work, as usual.

Former: Gryphon, Belgian Malinois, aka “Big Head Dog”, “Grumps”, “Snippy Snappy boy”, “Goofs”, “King of the Ottoman”, and “hair machine”.  My original photo and layout editor.  Usually to my chagrin.  We greatly miss him here at tDoB!






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