Delaware Beer Map

To use the map to its full potential with description key, click “View Larger Map” link at the bottom.

NOTE: I’m using the definition of a “beer bar” very tightly. There are many awesome establishments out there serving craft beer. If I were to include all of them, the map would be covered totally.

Also, as far as establishments that fill growlers, if the description for the place says “Has Permit To Sell Growlers”, that means that Delaware has issued a growler sales permit to the venue, but I have not confirmed that they are currently set up to sell growlers. If a bar/restaurant is set up to sell growlers, the description will say so, plus I’ll try to give an indication on how many taps they have. Finally, I’ve tried to give tasting room and tour hours in the description for the breweries, but these often change seasonally. Feel free to use the hours posted as a guide, but PLEASE CALL FIRST to verify. Thanks.

Current Growler Laws in Delaware
Liquor stores and off-premise restaurants can fill any growler of standard size (64oz). Some will fill 32oz growlers.
Brewpubs and Breweries can only fill their logoed growlers.

Click on the pointers for information. The map is color keyed as:


2 thoughts on “Delaware Beer Map”

    1. Hi John, According to their website you should be able to find it at Inner Spirits in Wilmington (302-9983474) or Fairfax Liquors also in Wilmington (302-658-7610). I would call first though just to make sure. Cheers!

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