Halloween 2014 and Noctober

Like a groundhog with a poor sense of season, I’ve come out of my yearly self imposed hibernation.  The reason for this yearly posting hiatus is always the same, and shouldn’t be a shock to the people who’ve been reading this blog for any considerable length of time – I love Halloween.

It’s just a great time of the year.  When else can you find horror movies broadcasted up and down the channel guide at any time of the day or night?  When else can you turn your yard into an eerie cemetery? And when else can you dress up in a costume and act like a kid again – OK, I guess anytime you want.  But when can you do it and not have people immediately wonder if you forgot to stagger you medication again?

So it is every year that immediately after the Delaware Wine and Beer Festival, or The Kennett Brewfest, which ever one comes last, festival season comes to a close for me, and I turn my attention fully to October 31st.

And we were busy this year.  We had several projects we wanted to tackle so we jumped immediately into build mode. Several tombstones were desperately in need of repair and paint upgrades, and one needed to be reshaped and totally repainted from scratch. I also decided to totally revamp our sound set up from just thunder and lightning along with some music, to T&L+M plus some ambient sound effects. Overall not a hard thing to do, but it did require switching sound sources around along with spending a good many hours working in Audacity (if you want to do any kind of sound editing I can not recommend this program enough).

But the real project this year was 12 to 14 feet of new cemetery fence because my son insisted that we finally have a fence that ran the entire length of the front yard. The first section took about three hours, what with a second trip to Home Depot because I’d bought the wrong size of PVC pipe the first time, constant remeasuring, and a fuzzy recollection of how I’d built the previous sections (I built the original five sections over ten years ago).  After that however we were pretty locked in, finishing the second section in just under 30 minutes, and 20 “I’m a man with a particular set of skills” jokes. Once finished, we put the completed fence up, gave it several coats of “rusty metal” paint, and sprinkled on some crows and skulls.  My son could finally rest easy. We had fence.

Below are some pictures from this year’s set up.  Some taken during the day while setting up, and a few that I took at night.  As always click on any picture in the gallery to see the real sized images in a slide show.


It was a fun time as always, and Halloween night was a blast.  Although we didn’t get as many TOTers as we did last year (more little ones, less older ones) which means I currently have way more candy in the house than my blood chemistry probably needs.  Oh well, that’s what co-workers are for.

The FCG in Motion
The FCG in Motion

Besides all the construction and craft work, I also took the time to drink quite a few “Halloween inspired” beers, or beers that just had a Halloween feel to them.  That’s the one draw back of taking these two weeks off every year, there’s always some cool beer that I want to review or some post about Halloween I want to write.

Why don’t you do it in November?


Why don’t you do it in November, biped?

Ah, because Halloween is in October, Buddy?  You do remember that right? Or did you bang your head trying to walk through the closed glass door again?

Sigh…write some reviews and posts about Halloween in November, call it….I don’t know, Noctober. What’s the harm?  Besides what are you going to write about in November anyway?  Rants and Bitches about how everyone was already putting their Christmas stuff up two days before Halloween? Or how you saw your first “Holiday Commercial” complete with carol music Sunday night during The Walking Dead? More amazing insights on the great “Proper Way to Cook a Thanksgiving Day Turkey” debate?

OK. OK.  I get your point. Hmmm, well it might help me release some of this pent up anger that started swell within me when I walked into BJs on Friday and was greeted by a 25 foot frosty the snow man and 20 foot inflatable snow globe.

OK.  Why not?  Noctober it is. Should be fun.  And to start it off, I want to give shout outs to some people (even though they don’t know me) who’ve helped me over the years to get the cemetery to where it is today.

First, Tara over at the Scaryladyvideos Youtube channel for all her great videos on building and painting tombstones. The lady is an amazing artist. Next, Big Ant over at Eerie Acres Cemetery for his reviews on things like fog juice and electronic components that have been very helpful. Not to mention his creative talent.  And finally, Eva Halloween over at The Year of Halloween, who drops a little bit of Halloween into my blog reader everyday.

Also thanks to the kids for loving Halloween as much as I do, as well as Tracey for putting up with all the wires, sounds and especially – the horror movies.


The Final Sip - xxxxx
The Final Sip – And also to my neighbors, who put up with over 500 Watts of “lightning” in the trees around my house every Halloween.

Author: Ed (The Dogs of Beer)

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2 thoughts on “Halloween 2014 and Noctober”

    1. Just remember that a yard full of empty beer cans and beer bottles does not equate to a “graveyard”. I made that mistake one year – wasn’t pretty. As for a consult – my graveyard is always open…

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