The Apocalyptically Doomed Beer Adventurer Series

In 2012, Elysian Brewing produced a series of beers in conjunction with Fantaspraphics Books, based on the Mayan “Doomsday Prophesy”.  Each month the brewery released an appropriately named beer with artwork from Charles Burn’s Harvey Award winning Black Hole graphic novel.

These reviews are written as a continuing series based on the adventures of Doctor Micheal Hunter, a Zymological Archeologist who is intrusted with a task of finding long hidden bottles, known as seals, of mysterious liquid that have been hidden in and around the Mayan rich area of Mesoamerica.  Sadly, I didn’t come up with the idea until I was reviewing beer #5 Ruin, so I only covered part of the series.  I would like to go back and back-fill the other beers, but unfortunately it’s gotten to the point where finding older bottles of series may be impossible.

The series:

Beer #4, Pest, Chocolate Chile Stout – HERE – Although not part of the story, our hero is mentioned for the first time.

Beer #5, Ruin, Rosemary Agave IPA – HERE – The adventure starts on a bad note as our adventurer finds out he’s been beaten to the fifth seal.

Beer #6, Wasteland, Elderflower Saison – HERE – Our adventurer finds himself on the plains of Nazca.

Beer #7, Torrent, Pale Beet Bock – HERE – Our adventurer finds himself swept up in Angel Falls.

Beer #8, Maelstrom, Blood Orange Ale – HERE – Our adventurer seeks a Seal in a  popular tourist attraction.

Beer #9, Blight, Pumpkin Ale – HERE – Our adventurer runs into an old friend.

Beer #10, Omen, Belgian Raspberry Stout – HERE – Our adventurer makes an important decision.

Beer #11, Mortis, Sour Persimmon Ale – HERE – Our hero runs into a legend in the archeological field.

Beer #12, Doom, Golden Treacle Pale – HERE – Our hero learns the truth about who hired him

Epilogue – HERE – The fallout from the series, and is it truly over?

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