Tasters – Blogtography Continued, Out With Winter

So spring is right around the corner and I can think of no better way to help expedite its arrival than to purge all the photos of winter from my camera and phone. And of course, that means another collection of photographs that never got used in the blog. No other set up needed, let’s move on to the pixels.


Scaldis Noel is one of my favorite Christmas season beers. And the bottle is nice as well, so of course it’s picture worthy.


Cindy Small who organizes the Delaware Wine and Beer Festival once referred to me on the event’s Facebook page as “celebrity beer blogger Ed”, much to the amusement of my friends. So Tracey stepped up for Christmas this year and got me four etched beer glasses. Three say “Dogs of Beer”. The fourth is pictured below.


 Delirium Noel is my default Christmas Eve beer. Once I set up the shot, I realized what was really making the scene work was the blinking lights so I attempted my first animated GIF in Photoshop.



My little slice of Narnia.


Yes, we did go to some events over the past couple of months. Here’s a gentleman enjoying his novelty plate from the 16 Mile Brewing Company. The photo was taken at the Wine About What Ales You event in Historic New Castle.


Can’t upset the editor and not have a pizza picture. Tracey and I voting for the Disco Brisket pizza (Iron Hill Brewery) at Argilla Brewing’s Brewers Pizza Night. Sadly, the Betty Boop (Pizza By Elizabeths) won. Don’t get me wrong, Elizabeths made a damn fine pie, but Iron Hill’s had duck bacon. DUCK BACON!!


After a day long ice storm the weather broke and icicles were falling from everywhere. You could actually stand on my back deck and listen to them snap and fall from the trees, gutters, whatever. So…..


Speaking of the editor, when you have a black dog who loves the snow the shoot just screams “black and white” and if you couldn’t tell, I love to pump up the contrast on my black and whites.

Buddy High Contrast

Coming up on the photo-side – you’ve captured the perfect image and can’t wait to share it with your followers. But how you display it in WordPress may make a difference on how your readers see it. We’ll take a look as several of the options available, and how they impact your photos.



Tasters – Another Blogtography Post

I thought it was probably time to do another “Tasters” post. Since my previous (and inaugural) post was back in July, I won’t feel hurt if you don’t remember the premise.

These are photos (beer related or otherwise) that I’ve taken that never got used in the blog (although with a couple of these, “not yet” would be more adequate). Short little blurbs helped out by 500 pixels x 350 pixels of whatever imagery that was running around in my head that my camera happened to capture. Little ideas that never became big posts.

For those who asked last time, I’ll give a reminder: All photos taken with either my HTC phone, or my Canon T3i. Post processing done in either Digital Photo Professional (Canon software, for RAW files), Paint.net (for JPG files) or a combination of both.

So with that….

I’ve always said that Twin Lakes’ Greenville Pale Ale can go with me anywhere. In this case in accompanied me to the Motley Crue/Alice Cooper show at the Susquehanna Bank Center, NJ.


Another tailgate photo from the MC/AC show. If you’re going to have a friend who’s only found one Belgian beer he likes, it doesn’t hurt that it’s Brouwerij Van Steenberge Piraat Ale. Apple Dixie cups optional.


We were all excited to learn that Pizza By Elizabeths was going to start brewing their own beer. Their honey, basil ale was a decent enough first offering (although Tracey and I though it tasted a bit soapy). They’ve made other beer since, but we haven’t been back, and so far PbE is flying under the radar not having really joined in with the community of other brewers in Delaware.


This is from the lunar eclipse back in October. I admit there’s some color correction and a lot of sharpening post process on this one, but it didn’t turn out bad for a snapshot off of a tripod.


Tracey and I relaxing at The Cat’s Eye, Fells Point, Baltimore.


Argilla Pizza
Sharing pizza and a beer with my son at Argilla Brewing.

Buddy Avatar 50Do you suffer from Sicilizymurinstaphobia?



Buddy Avatar 50The irrational fear of eating pizza with a beer and not taking a picture of it to post on social media.


Ha. Ha. Funny. If you must know, wait…what’s that?

Buddy Avatar 50What?


That picture next to your words.

Buddy Avatar 50OH! That’s my avatar. Like it?


Avatar? What the hell?

Buddy Avatar 50Well we were talking at the last Friday afternoon meeting and we thought it would be beneficial for your readers to really know when it’s me interjecting into your post and an avatar seemed to be the best way to do it.

I told you, we don’t have Friday afternoon meetings.

Buddy Avatar 50Sure we do, just because you think you’re to cool to show up to them doesn’t mean they don’t happen!



Buddy Avatar 50You can keep saying that, but it doesn’t make it true. Anyway, like I said, we decided that this would help your readers follow our conversations more easily.

Who the hell is WE?

Buddy Avatar 50Everyone who was at the Friday meeting. There was me, the three geese, bear, Simba, bunny, a tennis ball..



Buddy Avatar 50So you say, yet there the avatar is…


God, we are so going to have a talk when I get home. In the mean time, can I please continue with the post.

Buddy Avatar 50Sure. You go for it.  Bet you have another picture of pizza. It’s like a sickness.


Shut up!

The boys from the Roaming Raven food truck take a break from serving food at this year’s Delaware Wine and Beer Festival to have a little fun with me (full post to come).


This is a cheat. I took this photo probably 15 years ago at the pier in New Castle, DE and had the a digital copy dupped off of a slide. Lots of color popping here to bring out the rainbow. It’s no longer possible to take this picture as the put up an ugly safety fence around the pier.


I drank several Left Coast Voodoo American Stouts over the Halloween season. I recommend it highly. The skull is lit from a light above, I got lucky that it made the eyes glow. The bottle label is lit during exposure with a small hand held light. Green and reds are boosted in post processing to make the shot more vibrant.

And finally…


Buddy Avatar 50Go ahead, I have ALL day…


Damn, you…

Pizza and beer at Lancaster Brewing (Full Post to come).

Buddy Avatar 50BAH!!!!!! I was right. You have a sickness. A deep, perverted sickness.


Shut up couch licker.

We thought Buddy should get a little experience running with The Dogs if he’s going to be editor. So we brought him the Highland Games in Fairhill, MD. As you can see, he found the event very exciting, and very tiring.

Buddy Avatar 50I wasn’t tired! I’m trying to shut out the bagpipes from my head!


The bagpipes sounded great.

Buddy Avatar 50Maybe to you! Try it around 45,000mhz! You know there’s subliminal messaging up in that range telling you to “eat more haggis”.


No there is not!

Buddy Avatar 50Yes there is. Or in your case it probably says, “eat more pizza. And take a picture.”


Sigh, wait until I get home.





Tasters – A New Series in Blogtography

This post starts a new semi-regular series dedicated to blogtography, in which I will share photos I’ve taken, but never used in one of my posts.  It’s a series idea that I shamelessly admit to stealing from other bloggers, that I hope will become a regular feature here at tDoB.  How regular? To be honest, I don’t know.  I’m going free form on this one.  Maybe it will come down to when I think I have enough pictures to share.

You’ll notice it’s blogtography and not beertography, there’s a reason behind that.  Although a lot of my photographs center around activities concerning the main focus of my blog, some do not.  So from time to time some non-beer stuff will sneak in here as well.  After all, when I started this blog it wasn’t supposed to be just about beer, it just sorta…turned out that way.

That means photos of me right?

No Buddy, that does not mean photos of you.

Oh come on!  I think as photo editor I should appear in at least one photo in every post about photography.

We’re not turning this into Buddytography.  Now back off.  I got this.

Oh, you mean like you “got” the clogged toilet the other day.

Hey, I don’t want to know what the hell someone put down there, but that flood was not my fault!  Now if you don’t mind…

So why is it called “Tasters”?  Well, craft beer bars will sometimes have little pours of beer that your can buy, 6oz, 8oz, big enough to really experience the beer, but not so big that you end up drinking more beer than you want.  In several of the bars I go to, these are referred to as tasters.  And that’s what most of these pictures will be; photos I took for reviews that I never wrote, or ideas for posts that never coalesced, events that never got their own write up, or simply photos I shared on Facebook and Twitter (yes even with the new camera some of these with be phonetographs), but never used in on my blog.  Little ideas that never became big ones, but are still worthy of a sentence or two.

I think that’s all you need to know.  So let’s do this…

A glass of Stumbling Monk at Stewart’s Brewery.  If you’re ever in Delaware and it’s on tap, I highly recommend you stopping by.  It took me a few tries to get the refractions in focus.


Swing into Spring.


Not a great photo with the focus point at the pile of empty glasses on the bar.  But I love the clutter and the blur of motion.  I think it captures the commotion of Max’s Belgian Fest pretty well.

How come I’ve never been there?

Because dogs aren’t allowed.

What?!?! There are places like that? Don’t people know?  Why isn’t something being done about this!?


Two Stones Mug
I wish the edges of the mug were a little sharper in this one. Still, I like the composition of this picture I took at Two Stones Pub.


I love “down the bar” shots, and thought this one was nice.  I would have liked the head of the beer to be a little more in focus however.  I always find that I like pictures of beer better if the head is sharp. Tria’s in Philly.


Not a really good picture, but one with a good lesson.  If you’re going to take wine photos, remember to remove the price label first.

BAH !!!!!!!!! You left the price tag on!  Slick move, Ansel Adams!

Shut up.

Champagne on Sunday.
Champagne on Sunday.


We had homemade egg rolls the other night and when we were done, we had two wrappers left.  So Tracey mixed bananas, peanut butter and a little chocolate sauce; froze the mixture a bit, wrapped, and deep fried it.  Scary good.
We had homemade egg rolls the other night and when we were done, we had two wrappers left. So Tracey mixed bananas, peanut butter and a little chocolate sauce; froze the mixture a bit, wrapped, and deep fried it. Scary good.


Sabon Estate's Zinfandel Port.  Sharon at Total Wine recommended it to us for a wine dinner when we were asked to bring something that would go good with chocolate cake.  Sharon says that Sabon pairs well with anything chocolate, and in a pinch, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
Sabon Estate’s Zinfandel Port. Sharon at Total Wine recommended it to us for a wine dinner when we were asked to bring something that would go good with chocolate cake. Sharon says that Sabon pairs well with anything chocolate, and in a pinch, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Highly recommended.


caption goes here
Flying Dog teamed up with CAO cigars to release a “Pairing Pack“, four cigars that are each paired with a different Flying Dog beer.  And although I couldn’t get a hold of the pack, my cigar store does sell CAO.  This is CAO’s “Gold” which they suggest pairing with Raging Bitch.  Although I’m not an expert on cigar/beer pairings, I will say that cigar was really good, and didn’t fight with the beer at all.


The required editor photo.

And the best picture of the bunch if I must say.

Shocking.  You’re just lucky I didn’t Photoshop a price sticker on your forehead.

Well that’s a good start I think.  Like I said, a majority of these are from “posts that could have been”, while others are just things I felt like taking a photo of.

He takes a lot of pictures of his food.

Shut up.

It’s REALLY embarrassing.

Go play.

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