The Not So Local Tap : Avenue Pub, New Orleans

Down in the Big Easy for some vacation and fun. And of course it wouldn’t be either without checking out the local beer scene. Every time I did a search for anything beer related one place keep popping up – The Avenue Pub.

Located a bit outside the French Quarter, the Avenue Pub still has the outside appearance of what you’d expect from a French Quarter bar. The building has an old time rustic look with a second floor balcony reminiscent of those in the FQ. And for the most part the feel of the place is the same once you step inside – almost.

Avenue Pub sports 50 taps. Most of them downstairs with 9 or so up on the balcony. It’s one of those places that takes you a few minutes to figure out how things work, but once you do it’s all good.

The draft list is very good, with a balanced selection of local beers and craft beers from around the US. I couldn’t get a great sense for the norm in that area however, because the day we walked in a good portion of the taps were taken up by a Swedish beer tasting. Yeah, that’s right, we traveled to New Orleans and walked into a Swedish beer tasting. But that just confirms what I suspected, that the Avenue Pub is doing beer right.

Once you’ve worked up an appetite, just look around and go to the big sign that reads “Order Food Here”. The menu is chalked full of southern classics and a few items with a twist to them. When your food is ready, they shout your name to come and get it. Napkins and cutlery? You didn’t see the two tubs and the roll of paper towels by the door when you walked in? Like I said, the place takes a minute to figure out.

As for the beers, you’ll have to check out my Untappd or Twitter feed for those long complicated Swedish ones. I’m currently typing this from a deck chair on a ship sailing for Jamaica, so I’m not taking the time to look them up. Of the NOLA brewing beers we tried, the Blonde was really good but I thought their 7th Street Wheat could have had a little more flavor, but was still good. But I really enjoyed their Channel Stout with its dry roasty finish, in a “to go” cup as we walked back to the hotel. Because after all, this is New Orleans!

I’d highly recommend a stop to the Avenue pub if you’re staying in New Orleans. If you’re staying near the French Quarter it’s a bit of a trip, but the St Charles Street Trolley car will take you down to it.

Time for amother beer.

The Bar at the Avenue Pub

The Bar at the Avenue Pub

To Die For Fries - Waffle Fries with a Cheddar Beshamel Sauce with Jalepenos.

To Die For Fries – Waffle Fries with a Cheddar Beshamel Sauce with Jalepenos.

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