The Local Tap: Philly Beer Week Opening Tap 2015

Last Friday started as every other Friday. Wake. Shower. Stop at the cigar store. Then work. But this day differs from any other Friday, this is the day we attend the Opening Tap at Philly Beer Week.

We’ve been lucky enough to attend the kickoff event of the 10 celebration of all things beer and Philly since the fine folks at It’s Just The Booze Dancing (check out their snazzy new website) were kind enough to offer us tickets to an event at PBW several years ago only to see that event cancelled which resulted in  Jeanne Hatton asking us if we’d like media passes to Opening Tap.


And every year the day seems to follow the same path – go to work, take a quarter day, cringe every time someone asks me “what time are you leaving?”, check directions and make map so we don’t make any wrong turns this year, sneak out 15 minutes before I’m supposed to leave to fake out the people who will be looking for me 10 minutes before I leave, get home, wait for Tracey, get into car, hold my breath every time I see brake lights on I-95, still make a wrong turn, finally arrive – and from there, it’s all worth while.

Sounds like a lot of fuss for just another beer festival? Then you haven’t been to Opening Tap. As I’ve written in the past, this opening ceremony of the country’s initial beer week shines  not just because of the amazing collection of breweries that show up, but brewers as well. It’s fun to meet (and remeet) all the great people in the industry who make this (and every week) tick in the world of craft beer. As always click on the photos to see them in slideshow mode.

Of course the main event of The Opening Tap is…well, the opening tap. This year a keg of Philly Pharmhouse Brotherly Suds was teed up and tapped for those in attendance. The beer is the 6th incarnation of the Brotherly Suds beer and was collaborative brewed at Flying Fish with input from Victory, Yards, Iron Hill, Stoudts, Weyerbacher, Treogs, Nodding Head, Earth Bread+Brewery and Sly Fox. I’m not sure who tapped the keg this year (I was up high on a balcony and never heard his name) but he certainly had a good trip to the Armory – He skydived with the HOG before the event which would seem extremely out of the ordinary but apparently the HOG has been a skilled skydiver for several years.

Music was performed by the Hoppin’ John Orchestra.

As those of you who have been reading me for years know, I don’t try to keep very good track of the beers I taste at these big festivals but there were quite a few I remember:

Wit or Witout (Saint Benjamin), The Shack IPA (Ship Bottom), Barnacle Bottom Stout (Ship Bottom), Steingrabber Maibock (Barren Hill), G-Spot (Rock Bottom), Samurai Chai IPA (Broken Goblet), Barn Razer (Lancaster), Dreamcatcher (2nd Story Brewing), Imperial Porter with Cocoa Nibs (Shawnee Craft Brewing), Multiple Personality Disorder (Stoudts)  or Puddler’s Row ESB (Conshohocken Brewing), and I totally agree with The Philadelphia Inquirer – River Horse Brewing’s Chocolate Porter was balls out crazy. Nice work guys!


At one point someone wanted to take a break for a beer, so Tracey ended up “in charge” of the awards for a few minutes. In two or three more years, she’ll be tapping the keg. Love that I Love Lamp was one of the award winners.


Of course you’re always going to miss something at opening tap. I missed that Ashley Routson (AKA The Beer Wench) was there for the official launching of her new book. I’m pretty disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to meet her and hope she enjoyed her time in Philly.

And some things you don’t miss … Yeah, I still don’t know what’s going on.


We’d like to thank Michael Greger for once again making this night happen for us! See you all next year!!

Philly Beer Week 2015: Hammer Relay Route Announced, Opening Tap Tickets On Sale!

Thanks to Michael Greger for the information! Click here for a complete calendar and list of events.

Click HERE for tickets to the Opening Tap (Tickets Still Available)

………………………………………..Press Release Below……………………………………….





With less than three days to go until Philly Beer Week (PBW) 2015, the route for the annual Hammer of Glory (HOG) Relay has been announced, culminating in the HOG’s arrival at Opening Tap.  Tickets are still available for Opening Tap, featuring pours from 42 local breweries!

The 2015 HOG Relay Route

  • As has become an annual tradition, the HOG will travel across Philadelphia via every means of transit imaginable, stopping at top beer bars as well as television stations and newspapers before arriving in style at the Opening Tap for the ceremonial first tap that officially begins PBW
  • At each stop, the HOG handlers will recite the hand-off toast: “Noble carrier, we entrust you with the Hammer of Glory, the omnipotent symbol of our beloved Philadelphia Beer Week.  May your journey be safe.  Work ye up a thirst, for there shall be a beer waiting for you at your destination. Godspeed!”
  • This year’s route will begin at 6:45 a.m. at CBS 3, followed by a can’t-miss stop at Fox 29.  From there, the HOG will make its way, via SEPTA Regional Rail, Philly Roller Derby, the Two Roads VW bus, horse-drawn beer wagon, the Fishtown Beer Runners, wheelbarrow, motorcycle, and even Marie Antoinette, to destinations that include pubs (such as Grey Lodge), breweries (such as Saint Benjamin), entertainment complexes (such as SugarHouse), local favorites (such as London Grill) and more before arriving, via a certain 1980s TV show, from Kite & Key to Opening Tap.
  • The full route is available online under Hammer Relay on the official PBW website. Per tradition, SugarHouse Casino’s double-decker bus will provide transportation throughout the day. Participating bars and venues are listed below:
    • 6:45 a.m. – CBS3 (1555 Hamilton Street)
    • 7:55 a.m. – FOX29 (330 Market Street)
    • 8:18 a.m. – Red Owl Tavern (433 Chestnut Street)
    • 8:34 a.m. – The Philadelphia Inquirer (801 Market Street)
    • 8:57 a.m. – SEPTA Fox Chase Line (Jefferson Station, Market Street, between 10th & 12th)
    • 9:47 a.m. – Hop Angel Brauhaus (7980 Oxford Avenue)
    • 10:55 a.m. – Grey Lodge Pub (6235 Frankford Avenue)
    • 11:18 a.m. – SawTown Tavern (4717 Princeton Avenue)
    • 11:56 a.m. – Saint Benjamin Brewing (1710 North 4th Street)
    • 12:29 p.m. – Philadelphia Brewing Company (2440 Frankford Avenue)
    • 12:50 p.m. – Johnny Brenda’s (1201 Frankford Avenue)
    • 1:15 p.m. – Bar Ferdinand/El Camino Real (1030 North 2nd Street)
    • 1:33 p.m. – Standard Tap (901 North 2nd Street)
    • 1:59 p.m. – Yards Brewing (901 North Delaware Avenue)
    • 2:17 p.m. – SugarHouse Casino (1001 North Delaware Avenue)
    • 3:00 p.m. – Garage (1231 East Passyunk Avenue)
    • 3:25 p.m. – 12 Steps Down (831 Christian Street)
    • 4:08 p.m. – Varga Bar (941 Spruce Street)
    • 4:31 p.m. – Time (1315 Sansom Street)
    • 4:54 p.m. – The Institute Bar (549 North 12th Street)
    • 5:32 p.m. – London Grill (2301 Fairmount Avenue)
    • 5:57 p.m. – Belgian Café (601 North 21st Street)
    • 6:20 p.m. – Kite & Key (1836 Callowhill Street)
    • 6:53 p.m. – Opening Tap, 23rd Street Armory

Opening Tap 2015

·        Tickets are still available for Opening Tap, the official annual kick-off celebration of Philly Beer Week and the culmination of the HOG’s day-long tour around town

·        Opening Tap 2015 will be held on Friday, May 29 from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m. at the 23rd Street Armory (22 South 23rd Street)

·        Three tiers of admission are available:

o   General Admission: $46 (includes beers from 42 local breweries, plus the debut of Brotherly Suds, the local collaborative brew created by Flying Fish, Iron Hill, Nodding Head, Sly Fox, Earth Bread + Brewery, Troegs, Victory, Weyerbacher and Yards, as well as live music and entertainment, including an interactive photo booth loaded with props from PBW sponsor Photobot 3000 that is sure to be a do-not-miss attraction)

o   VIP Admission: $92 (includes an additional hour of access, beginning at 6 p.m., plus exclusive beers, a lavish buffet and a special beer and cheese pairing from PBW sponsor Di Bruno Bros.)

o   Designated Driver Admission: $25

o   There will be 42 featured breweries and home brewers, including: 2nd Story, Barren Hill, Samuel Adams, Broken Goblet, Cape May Brewing, Conshohocken Brewing, Dock Street, Dogfish Head, Doylestown Brewing, Evil Genius, Fegley’s Brew Works, Flying Fish, Free Will, Home Sweet Homebrew, Iron Hill Brewery, Keystone Homebrew, Kurant Cider, Lancaster Brewing, Manayunk Brewing, Penn Brewery, Philadelphia Brewing Company, Riverhorse, Rock Bottom, Round Guys, Saucony Creek, Shawnee Craft, Ship Bottom, Sly Fox, Spring House, Saint Benjamin Brewing Company, St. Boniface, Stoudt’s, Susquehanna Brewing, The Lion Brewery, The Other Farm Brewery, Troegs, Vault, Victory, Weyerbacher, Wyndridge Brewery & Cider, Yards and Yuengling

The Local Tap: Philly Beer Week Opening Tap

If this post had a subtitle it would be, “Wrong Turns, Great Beers, and Mussels”.  You’ll see why.

Walking into the 23st Armory served very quick notice that this was not a venue like last year’s.  Gone were the multi-floor, stylish trappings and educational exhibits at the Independence Visitor Center, replaced by a totally open three story building with an unassuming brick interior.

The floor had obviously just been spray down or power washed, standing water still pooled in spots around the floor.  Yes, a little different.  But perfect.  Big and open works well for a brew fest, allowing one to quickly scan the surroundings as they empty their glass making it ready for the next beer.  And let’s be honest, other than a burning boat or a Siberian forest in 1908 , is there really a bad place for a beer fest?  I didn’t think so.

And this is no ordinary beer fest, this is the Opening Tap Festival for Philly Beer Week.  Through the generosity of others (who I will thank later), and some craft beer God smiling (I’m not worthy), Tracey and I once again made it on the media list for the awesome event.  Ok, I know what you’re thinking, “Ed, it’s just another beer fest.”  True.  Guilty.  Almost.

Opening Tap has one thing going for it that sets it slightly (OK, not so slightly) above the rest – It’s Opening Tap.  I know.  Cryptic.  Opening Tap is the “green flag”, if you will of Philly Beer Week, the first and possibly largest city wide, 10 day event dedicated to all things beer (that’s right, a mere 7 days can’t contain Philly Beer Week) which means that for this particular event, brewers come out and breweries bring some of their best beers, including a few “rare extras” now and then.

I want to highlight that – BREWERS come out.  I know it seems like such a little thing, but as someone who attends a lot of festivals where beers are poured by volunteers, it’s nice to chat with the guy who actually brewed the beer for a few minutes while he fills your cup.

We left home in what we thought was plenty of time, and after making the requisite number of wrong turns once we entered Philly (stupid G-Maps), we found ourselves at the Armory only 15 minutes late for the VIP session.  That’s practically punctual for us when it comes to Philly.

While a blocked off part of a hallway served as last year’s VIP tasting room, this year the whole venue was open to the craft beer lovers who bought the upgraded ticket.  The new open venue certainly made the VIP tasting seem less crowded, and we took the opportunity of having a few minutes of relaxed tasting and conversation with DE craft beer locals Rob Pfeiffer (Head Brewer) of Twin Lakes; and Tom Knorr (Owner) and Megan Moore (Rep NJ, DE, PA), of Delaware prodigal son Evolution Brewing.

Soon the flood gates opened, and the hordes stormed the armory.  A good horde though.  As always, I can’t give you and in depth analysis on all the beers I tasted.  It’s just a task too immense for my simple palette.  However, a short list of beers Tracey and I found ourselves in front reads like this:

Citra Belgian IPA (Barren Hill Tavern),Dreamin’ Double IPA (Manayunk Brewery), NJ350 (Flying Fish) Lowercase IPA (Free Will Brewing), 30 West Helles Lager, Southern Cross Hog (Lancaster Brewing), Kiss Off IPA, Fear Of A Brett Planet (Round Guys), Hop Five IPA (Susquehanna Brewing), LaGrave (Troegs), Lot No. 6 (Evolution), Grog (Nodding Head), Brotherly Suds 5 (Victory,Flying Fish, Yards, Sly Fox, Iron Hill, Nodding Head and Earth Bread + Brewery), Liberty Bell Ringer DIPA (Victory), Purple Monkey Dishwasher, I Love Lamp (Evil Genius), Philly Triple (Dock Street, Brouwerij Dilewyns), Puddler’s Row, Double IPA (Conshohocken Brewing), Smoked Amber (Saint Benjamin). Molasses Porter, Maple Mistress (Saucony Creek).  Beers in bold are ones that impressed us the most.

One of the activities that adds a little pomp and circumstance to Opening Tap is, well the Opening Tap (again? sorry) – in this case referring to the tapping of the keg of Brotherly Suds, the annual collaboration beer brewed especially for Philly Beer Week.  This year brewers Victory,Flying Fish, Yards, Sly Fox, Iron Hill, Nodding Head and Earth Bread + Brewery worked together to bring about Brotherly Suds #5, a golden bock (which did not disappoint in its malty goodness) with a touch of German hop.

The instrument of tapage (tappage?  Whatever..) for this occasion is the HOG, or Hammer Of Glory as it is called on official occasions, which besides Mjolnir and MC, is probably the most well known Hammer (note: always capitalize that) in the Philadelphia area.  And why not, leading up to the Opening Tap the HOG makes an annual media covered trip through and around Philadelphia, with fanfare and fervor only to be rivaled by the Olympic Flame.

And who get’s the honor of wielding the Hammer?  Why none other than the current Mayor of Philadelphia, the honorable Michael Nutter.  Michael?  Hmmm, apparently although advertised Michael couldn’t make it so he sent a suitable replacement.  One that Tracey immediately picked out of the crowd and drew attention to me by pointing and shouting, “Hey look! There’s that guy on TV that you don’t like!”

OK, it’s not that I don’t LIKE former Mayor and PA Governor Ed Rendell.  I honestly don’t know him well enough to like or dislike him.  I just wish he’d shut up when Ray Didinger is talking on Eagles Post Game Live.

After the tapping, it was time to announce the winners of The Inquire’s Brewvintational, an annual beer competition that tries to find the best of this sea of amazing beers.  First up in the new beer category was Nihilist Russian Imperial Stout, from Sly Fox.  We happen to be lucky enough to be standing right in front of the Sly Fox booth when this was announced, and lucky enough to get to taste this awesome beer.  Troeg’s came in second with their LaGrave a very nice Triple Golden Ale, and third was Round Guys with their very drinkable Fear of a Brett Planet,

The other category was Saisons which was lead by Tired Hand Brewing with their HandFarm Four-Grain Saison aged in Chardonnay barrels. Saison Wood from Iron Hill Brewery (Maple Shade) came in second with Solaire,  a Grisette/Saison from Forest & Main Brewing.  Sadly, Tired Hand and Forest & Main were not in attendance that night.

A little personal blog business from me, this was my first event with my new camera.  I’m going to be honest, I didn’t spend a lot of time over thinking anything here, I mostly set the camera on full auto and let it do the thinking for me, so most of these pictures are still just “snap shots” for all intensive purposes, but for the most part I’m already enjoying the upgrade in picture quality I got.

Sadly, the time to go had come.  We always like to leave beer fests a little early, you know, beat the rush traffic with people who have been drinking as long as we have.  Tonight we had a little extra incentive though because the parking garage next to the festival closed exactly at 10pm and the attendant informed us that since the garage wasn’t open during the weekend, if we didn’t get Tracey’s car out by 9:59, we’d be without it for the weekend.  I’m not sure if that was 100% true, but there are certain things you don’t want to roll the dice on, and I’m pretty sure your girlfriend’s car is one of them.  Just sayin’.

Remember how I said, “Wrong Turns, Great Beers and Mussels?” Well, after leaving Philly (accompanied by the requisite amount of wrong turns trying to get back on I-95) we decided to get something to eat.  Suddenly Tracey was in a mood for mussels so that meant a trip to Jessup’s Tavern in Historic New Castle.  Unfortunately by the time we arrived the kitchen had been closed for a while, but Justin was nice enough to set us up with a couple of decent beers to help alleviate our disappointment.  Why is this important?

Well, the next day we woke up to find out that “Delaware Craft Beer and Wine Lovers” co-founder Patrick Huff was putting together a trip to Philly for the Varga Bar block party, and Tracey and I decided to tag along.  The day was awesome, but Tracey still had that hankering for mussels from the night before and made mention that we were only a small walk from Monk’s Belgian Cafe.  What followed was an awesome dinner with a beer list that we were very excited to be ordering off of.

But that, of course, is another post.

I’d like to thank everyone who always makes this event possible.  First of all to all the brewers, representatives and volunteers that make this event the amazing time that it is.  To G-Lo and gang from It’s Just The Booze Dancing, whose generosity got us on the list last year.  To Jennie Hatton for adding us to the list last year and getting us in touch with Michael Greger, who added us to the list this year.



Philly Beer Week Opening Tap – Partying Like We’re “It’s Just the Booze Dancing”

[AUTHOR’S NOTE:  Despite claims from certain so-called “friends”.  I have witnesses that the Hammer of Glory was safely returned to those responsible for it after I touched it.  I also wish to point out that I have an alibi for Saturday’s Fishtown Festival festival, which is the last place the Hammer was seen.  I am hoping that the Hammer eventually finds its way back home.]

Someone needs to pinch me.  Or maybe more appropriately, hit me with a hammer.  Philly Beer Week kicked off with it’s usual bang  when Mayor Michael Nutter used the official Hammer of Glory to tap a keg of Brotherly Suds 4.  And we got to attend as members of the media.  Yeah, I laugh whenever I say it too.

Normally this would have been an event that we would have missed, much to the dismay of my friend Patrick, over at Crafty and The Beast.  He’s long brow beat me at my inability to get off my lazy ass and make a trip to a Philly Beer Week event (he’s a regular Forum of the Gods attendee) in what he calls “separating the geeks from the meeks.”  But as much as some of the events really look awesome, we’ve just never made it up there.  Until this year, and we have the awesome guys at It’s Just the Booze Dancing to thank.

A few days before the kick off of PBW, G-Lo emailed me that he had media passes that they couldn’t use for the Brewer’s Breakfast that was going to be held on Saturday and wanted to know if we wanted them.  Once I confirmed that “we” were available that day (don’t laugh, I’m not the social planner/calendar in this relationship) he sent an email to Jennie Hatton, of Profile PR and asked that we be added to the list.

Sadly, Jennie emailed that the breakfast had been cancelled which I was willing to accept, and figured we’d miss another year.  But Jennie asked if we wanted to attend the Opening Tap instead.  Did we?  Ok, I’ll be honest, I didn’t run this one past the calendar before I accepted.  Bad me.

The next thing we knew, we were standing in the VIP/Media line at the Independence Hall Visitor’s Center being signed-in and wrist-banded.  After we checked-in we met up with Patrick, who had volunteered at the event, and walked out to the front lawn to witness the tapping ceremony by Mayor Michael Nutter.  Using the Hammer of Glory, and with the tap being held by Tom Kehoe of Yard’s Brewing, Nutter swung a mighty blow!!  OK, so Dominic Brown isn’t in any danger of losing his status of currently being Philly’s hardest slugger, but it was strong enough to tap the keg of Brotherly Suds 4 that had been collectively brewed by Iron Hill (Mark Edelson), Nodding Head (Gordon Grubb), Flying Fish (Gene Muller), Victory (Bill Covaleski) and Yards (Tom Kehoe), who collaborated to decide on the style of an English summer ale with citrusy hops.

Counter-Clockwise from top: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, and me with the Hammer of Glory
Counter-Clockwise from top: Don Russell (Joe Six Pack) and Tom Kehoe from Yard’s Brewing hold the keg of Brotherly Suds 4 as Michael Nutter prepares to tap it.  After the ceremony, the keg of Brotherly Suds 4 enjoys the live music of TJ Kong and the Atom Bomb.  Me and the Hammer of Glory.

Not long after the tapping was over, we entered the VIP tasting where about 20 breweries were pouring bottles of some awesome beers such as Evolution Brewery’s Migration Fall 2012, Manayunk’s Siembra, Neshaminy Creek’s Leon Russian Imperial Stout, Fegley’s Arctic Alchemy and Insidious,  Yard’s Grand Cru, Sly Fox’s Incubus, Sam Adam’s Stoney-Brook Red, Dock Street Trappist IPA, .  But the highlight for us was getting a chance to talk to Weyerbacher head brewer, Chris Wilson about his Philadelphia Inquire Brew-vitational award winning Riserva 2012.  Luckily we’d tried it earlier because as we were talking to him, they ran out of bottles.  But that didn’t keep Chris from offering Tracey seconds.

Clockwise from Bottom: Wererbacher’s 1st place win for “New Beer” for the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Brew-vintational.  Chris Wilson, head brewery of Weyerbacher enjoys his win.  Chris shares his award winning Riserva 2012 with Tracey.

Soon however, it was time to venture out into the regular tasting which just put the “off” in “off the charts”.  The main hallway of the Visitor’s Center was filled with the entire length with beer booths.  Beers were flowing freely amongst the historic back drops and displays.  The event was crowded, but didn’t seem crowded as the wait for beers was never that long, and there seemed to be plenty of time to have a quick chat with a brewer or representative.  We got a chance to stop by Doylestown Brewery, Saint Benjamin (opening in the fall), Lancaster Brewing, Rock Bottom, Susquenhanna, River Horse, Naked Brewing and a few more.

Left: The main hall before the start of the event.  Right: After a few more people entered the event.
Left: The main hall before the start of the event. Right: After a few more people entered the event.

At the end of the hallway the expanse of the event became apparent as Patrick asked, “Have you been upstairs yet?”  Upstairs?  Where is this magic staircase?  Oh yeah, right there in front of me.  I blame the beer.  At the top of the stairs we found a balcony full of booths (including Boxcar, Weyerbacher, Prism, Manneken-Penn, and Evil Genius) an outside patio full of booths (including Nodding Head, Dockstreet, Round Guys, Yards, and Samuel Adams),  and a room full of even more booths (including Victory, Iron Hill [pouring their Petite Fortunella and Sweet Leaf IPA], Shawneedcraft, Flying Fish, Stoudts, Fegley’s, and Twin Lakes).  This really put the “off” in….oh, wait.  I’ve already used that.  It was at this time that I bumped into Seen Through The Glass writer and Session Beer Project creator, Lew Bryson.  Lew is a force in the craft beer/whiskey world but he also shares the distinction (along yours truly) of cutting his internet beer teeth in the old Usenet Rec.Food.Drink.Beer group.  We reminisced for a bit about the time we spent on there, and then went our separate ways.  Lew to go back down into the crowded hallway, and me to explore the beauty of the upper level.

At this point you’re probably thinking this event JUST.COULD.NOT.GET.BETTER!!  Wrong!!  Suddenly a man walked up to me and introduced himself, “Hi Ed, I’m G-Lo! And this is LimpD!”  Wow!  One half of Booze Dancing in the hizzzzz-house!!!   OK, OK,  I know what you’re thinking, “Oh god, here he goes kissing BD’s collective asses because they hooked them with media passes for Opening Tap!”  Well you could NOT be more wrong.  I’m going to kiss their asses because they were one of the first blogs to follow me when I started, and they’ve always been overly kind and gracious to me.  Which… includes….hooking us up with media passes for Opening Tap….(looks down)…yeah, I guess you were right.  Anyway…if you’re into beer and whiskey and NOT following them, shame on you!

After a bit of conversation, we grouped up and set back to the task at hand, and without further ado we entered the upstairs room.  Now here is where that awkward moment that can happen at beer festivals started to occur.  To paraphrase the 10th Doctor (which people will tell you I do WAY to much), people think that beer festivals are a directly line of cause and effect from the first beer to the last.  When actually, they’re more like a big ball of wibbely-wobbley, timey-whimy stuff.  And this is when the event got a little timey-whimy.  Yeah, I had a fully charged camera, and I even had a digital recorder on me, so there should be no reason why I can’t give you a detailed account of what was in there and what beers we tried.  But I can’t.  By that time I was just having a blast hanging out with Tracey, Patrick, G-Lo and LimpD, trying beers, discussing beers and trading stories.

Well, I can tell  you this one thing.  It was here that I finally got to meet up with Twin Lakes brewery Rob Pfeiffer.  Rob and I have conversed a few times on my Facebook page, but this is the first time I’ve ever had the chance of shake his hand.  And I just have to say, that man is the HAPPIEST guy I’ve ever met, LOL.  And why not?  After all, his “work” life revolves around making beer.  Why wouldn’t he be happy?

Me, Rob Pfeiffer and his amazing team from Twin Lakes Brewing.
Counter-clockwise from top: Tracey signs the Opening Tap Independence Mall document at Twin Lakes Brewing. Head Brewer Rob Pfeiffer signs, along with G-Lo, and LimpD

Before we knew it, it was time for the event to end and for everyone to say goodbye.  But not before we stopped by at the Lancaster Brewing booth to talk to head brewer Bill Moore and the excellent work he’s brewery is doing for the Wolf Sanctuary of PA, and shared some conversation on the elevator down to the parking lot with Yard’s head brewer Tom Kehoe.  Opening Tap as was awesome time, and we thank all the brewers and volunteers who made it so.

Special thanks to G-Lo for the hook-up, and Jennie Hutton for her graciousness in adding us to the list.

Top: Tracey give a cheers to PBW.  Bottom: A forum of bloggers (L-R) The Dog, G-Lo, LImpD and Crafty
Top: Tracey gives a cheers to PBW. Bottom: A forum of bloggers do the same (L-R) The Dog, G-Lo, LImpD and Crafty
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