What You Need to Know on June 1st when Bellefonte Brewing Opens Phase 1

Bellefonte Brewing Company will be opening on Monday, June 1st for “phase 1”. Although the brewery will be reopening to the public, there are still several health precautions that they will be asking their patrons to be observing, including masks under certain circumstances, no seating at the bar, and reduced capacity.

Here is everything you need to know about next week at Bellefonte:

Wilmington Brew Works Partners with Local Beer Historian to Place Grave Marker to Honor the “Father of Lager Beer” – Press Release

Wilmington Brew Works is hoping to raise funds to place a marker on the grave of Christian Kruauch, who Delaware beer historian John Medkeff Jr refers to as “one of America’s earliest lager beer brewers and perhaps the most significant figure in the state’s brewing history”. As always I’d like to thank John Fusco for forwarding me the information.

…………………Press Release Below……………….



Delaware’s Forgotten “Father of Lager Beer” Inspired an Industry

WBWWilmington, Delaware, November 6, 2018 – The gravesite of Delaware brewing pioneer Christian Krauch has been without a marker since his death 148 years ago. With the help of the public, Wilmington Brew Works is aiming to correct this historic oversight and honor the man known in his time as the state’s “Father of Lager Beer”.

The brewery has been working with Delaware beer historian John Medkeff Jr. and Krauch descendants on plans to place a granite monument upon Christian’s cemetery plot at the Wilmington and Brandywine Cemetery. The organizers hope to raise the $2,700 needed for the memorial within the next several months.

According to Medkeff, author of Brewing in Delaware (Arcardia Publishing), Krauch was “one of America’s earliest lager beer brewers and perhaps the most significant figure in the state’s brewing history”. Krauch got his start brewing ale in his Philadelphia saloon after his arrival from Bavaria in 1838. Two years later, John Wagner brought the first lager yeast from Germany to Philadelphia. By 1850, Krauch relocated his saloon and brewing business to the burgeoning city of Wilmington and introduced lager beer to the First State. He was a respected elder of Wilmington’s German community and helped found the singing club that would later become the Delaware Saengerbund.

Though Krauch never expanded his business beyond his King Street saloon, he inspired and greatly influenced the generation of Wilmington brewers who followed him. With the popularity of and demand for lager beer dramatically increasing after the Civil War, Krauch disciples John Fehrenbach and Joseph Stoeckle helped transform what was once a modest occupation into one of Delaware’s most profitable industries.

Fate would not be as kind to Krauch. With his humble brewing operation eclipsed by Wilmington’s larger breweries, he died penniless in 1870 and was buried in an unmarked grave. Over time, Krauch and his contributions to Delaware brewing history have been largely forgotten.

Wilmington Brew Works recently paid homage to the pioneer brewer with a helles bock named “Krauch’s Creation”. The brewery is now advancing the tribute with the Christian Krauch Memorial Fund. The public is encouraged to help memorialize Krauch and celebrate Delaware’s rich brewing heritage by donating to the online campaign at www.plumfund.com/memorial-fund/krauch. In addition, Wilmington Brew Works will be donating a portion of proceeds from beer sales to the effort.

Media Contacts
John Fusco, Creative Director, Wilmington Brew Works, john@wilmingtonbrewworks.com, 302-507- 4100, www.WilmingtonBrewWorks.com
John Medkeff Jr., historian, delawarebeer@comcast.net, 302-981-5972, www.DelawareBeerHistory.com


John Fusco
Creative Director
Wilmington Brew Works
Cell: 302-507-4100

3129 Miller Rd, Wilmington, DE
Taproom: 302-722-4828
Website – Facebook – Instagram – Twitter – Untappd

River Town Ride and Festival, Jessop’s Oktoberfest Dinner, and 2SP Dinner

Clearing out the email and thought you might be interested in the following press release and email notifications.

****** Press Release ******

River Towns

Two Historic Towns Team Together

For One Amazing Festival!


The 3nd Annual River Towns Ride & Festival is a one-day joint festival held between the two waterfront towns of New Castle and Delaware City.  This year’s event will be held on Saturday, September 16, 2017 from 11:30-5:00 p.m.

The two towns are 10 miles apart and connected by the bike-friendly corridor of Route 9. The event will feature 9:00 a.m. competitive bicycling time trials component for cash and prizes AND a recreational ride where cyclists can pick their distance and ride for fun or earn a medal.

Festivals will be held in New Castle’s Historic Green and Delaware City’s Battery Park starting at 11:30.  Activities at both include live music, food, drink, children’s games, hay ride, face painting, sand art and kid’s crafts..

The highlight of the event will be a craft beer festival at both the New Castle Green and Delaware City Battery Park.

10 craft brews will be available.

Admission is free and food, drink and beer are available for purchase.

A free shuttle bus is provided for day-long transportation between each town.


A community festival like this needs the participation of the community.

 Please volunteer a few hours of your time to make this an exciting and fun event for New Castle. 

Volunteers are needed in these areas.  Time shifts are 11:15-1:00, 1:00-3:00, 3:00-5:00                                                                                  

·         Kids craft Table

·         Set Up/Take Down of Tables and Chairs

·         Aid Station-hand out water- snacks

·         Beer Ticket Sales, ID checks & Wrist Bands

·         Beer Pourers

·         Info Table- registration, program books,

Please email Cindy Snyder-  Cynthia.Snyder@state.de.us   or call 302-323-4453

Let us know which areas and what times you can help.  Thank You!

Visit our website: www.rivertownsfestival.com

******EMail Notification******

Jessops Oktoberfest******EMail Notification******

2SP Dinner

Things I Heard at Downtown Brewfest and Delaware: A Brew Story

– or those that I remember.

So, what we call “festival season” has started with a bang. August, September, October usually see a lot of activity as annual festivals grab their spot on the calendar and new festivals try to find a nice place to fit into the already crowded weekends.

Such as this year’s first annual Downtown Brewfest. The event was held right on Market Street in Wilmington (the 800 block to be exact) and attracted a nice crowd to the Saturday afternoon event.

I thought the event hit a lot of the marks you’d want from a beerfest, and I hope it becomes a permanent addition to our calendar.

Several weeks later it was time for one of our favorite annual events, Delaware: A Brew Story. Every year this event draws almost everyone who is anyone in the Delaware beer scene (including some who have not opened their doors yet) and this year was no exception.

Some pretty nice beers were available, and as always local historian John Medkeff Jr gave a fine talk on Delaware beer history. This year’s theme was the “Roaring Twenties” and so in fitting fashion, John gave a fine talk on the history (and impact) of prohibition on the breweries of Delaware.

Sadly, both events came up light from a picture standpoint, as I only took a few at Downtown, and expecting to have to deal with some rain at Brew Story, opted to take the night off and just enjoy the event.

So with no real pictures, and  you all knowing what a beer festival looks like by now, I thought I’d take this time to toss out some “news” tidbits that I picked up as I made the rounds at both events. Sadly because Downtown was over a month ago, some of the things that I was told at the event have already been posted by the breweries, but I’ll include them along with a link where you can find more information.

So here we go:

Stitch House is full of shiny tanks, and looks to be moving right along towards their much anticipated opening.

Craig Wensell said he’s been trying to incorporate some fun names into his beers but has run into a little resistance from the rest of the team. I mean, who wouldn’t want to order a “Get bent, Dover!”?

Steve from Argilla confirmed that the brewery is moving away from its spring and fall festivals due the supply demands they put on the brewery. Instead, they’ll be focusing on their brewer’s pizza night, which they just posted that the next one will be on October 21st. (Click on the banner below to learn more)

Pizza NightFile this under SEVERE rumor, but I was told by someone not connected to the brewery that Mispillion is going through some repackaging for their beers. I have no idea why, I think their packaging rocks.

Twin Lakes is continuing towards their goal of getting the brewery up to where they’d like it to be. Five beers will be making their way into cans, one of which was their previous offering, Greenville Pale Ale (a BBQ favorite of mine). Joining it will be –  Blue Water Pilsner, Tweed Tavern Stout, Caesar Rodney Golden Ale and Chesapeake Wheat. And, they just posted that the tasting room will opening today! Stop by.

TL tasting OpenA well known face in the biz who just finished opening a new brewery will be leaving that brewery to open his own concern. Keep an eye out for Wilmington Beer Works….or it might have been Wilmington Brew Works, but it’s coming. I could name him but thought I would let the parties concerned make the announcement when they’re ready.

Midnight Oil is chugging right along with their brewery and hope to be opening in the not to distant future. In the meantime, the brewery had some awesome shirts made for the Brew Story event. Proceeds help John’s Restore the King efforts. If you’d like to support the cause, some shirts are still available. Click here to find out more.

The Liquid Alchemy team is very excited for this weekend’s 3 day, first anniversary event which will feature a Franken-Cyser, special anniversary glasses while supplies last, and plus a hand-crafted anniversary chocolate bar from the fine people at Double Spiral Chocolates ($10, one per customer).

Well that’s what I remember. I really should start taking my digital recorder to these things. Hope to see you all at Odessa this Saturday!!


Other dates of note:

The Annual Delaware Saengerbund Oktoberfest – Sept 15, 16, and 17

Brew at the Zoo – Sept 22

Brews by the Bay – Sept 23

Peco’s 2017 Great Pumpkin Debate – Sept 23

Delaware Beer News: House Bill 31 Introduces Growler Sales

As has been reported by many outlets, Rep. Debra Heffernan, D-Edgemoor on Thursday introduced House Bill 31, which would essentially allow growler sales in the state of Delaware.  As it appears to us, growlers can be sold by any authorized establishment that has an off premises license, with the additional purchase of a $150 license that would be good for two years.

The interesting thing is that the original wording of the Bill covers restaurants with an off premise license, so by extension this bill might cover them as well.  Of course the only restaurant I know of off the top of my head that has an off premise license is Jessup’s Tavern in Historic New Castle.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Full Bill below:

BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF DELAWARE (Three-fifths of all members elected to each house thereof concurring therein):

Section 1. Amend §516(a), Title 4 of the Delaware Code by making insertions as shown by underlining as follows:

§ 516. Consumption off premises of hotel, restaurant, club, store or taproom.

(a) Any person in charge of a hotel, restaurant, club or store (other than a grocery, delicatessen or cigar store), whether owner, lessee or manager, and recognized as such by the Commissioner, may apply to the Commissioner for a license to purchase and to keep and sell and deliver on the premises only spirits, wine or beer by the bottle or half bottle only, but not for consumption on the premises where sold, or in any dependency thereof. All bottles so sold shall be delivered to the purchaser and shall be removed from the premises where sold with the seals of such bottles unbroken, with the exception of those licenses that are approved by the Commissioner for a Growler Filler permit which allows a licensee to purchase beer by the keg or partial keg and fill containers at time of purchase which will then be capped to leave the licensed premises for consumption off of the premises. For purposes of issuing a new license under this section, all establishments licensed for the sale of alcoholic liquors, but not for consumption on the premises where sold, shall be considered as being of the same type; provided, however, this shall not apply to the transfer of ownership or the renewal of an existing license.

Section 2. Amend §554, Title 4 of the Delaware Code by making insertions as shown by underlining as follows:

(oo) For a Growler Filler permit as provided in §516(a) of this title, the biennial license fee shall be $150.



                This Act permits off-premises consumption licensees who obtain a Growler Filler permit to purchase kegs or partial kegs from wholesalers and fill and cap containers for the customer to consume off of the premises where sold.

Delaware Beer News : DE Iron Hill Locations to Change Mug Club System Due to PA Regulators’ Requests

PA regulators apparently had nothing better to do then pick on Iron Hill’s Mug Club practices.

For ten  years a heinous crime has been repeatedly committed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Apparently, regulators in that state have decided that Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant, which operates 10 locations, 6 in PA have been illegally rewarding members of their Mug Club.

The two issues that seem to be at the heart of the regulators contention are the rewards points that Mug Club members get every time they buy beer (but not merchandise, or gift cards), and the extra free 8oz that Mug Club members get.

Although the issues were purely with PA regulators, Iron Hill will revamp their Mug Club to comply with the new guidance at ALL Iron Hill locations.  All members of the Mug Club received this email message a copy of which was also placed on their website:

We are currently revising the club to meet the regulator’s demands. During the transition from one club to another, the Mug Club will continue to function but with some important changes.

Mug Club Transition Changes

New Memberships cannot be purchased during the transition
All current memberships due for renewal during the transition will be extended until the new club is active
Members will be gifted 500 new points immediately
Members can no longer receive points for the purchase of alcohol
Members continue to earn points on all other purchases (excluding tax, tip and gift cards)
Members will continue to drink from the Mug Club mug, but must pay the same price as a non-member (an additional 50 cents)

Unchanged Mug Club Benefits

Exclusive use of handmade Mug Club mugs
Earn a $25 credit for each 300 points accrued
Redeem credits to pay for any food and beverage purchases, including alcohol
Invitations to exclusive, members-only Mug Club events
Email communication from your head brewer
Track points and member profile online
We are currently looking at a variety of options and we hope to have a new customer rewards program in place this fall.

All unused points will roll over to the new club.

Please discuss any questions or concerns with a manager or click on Inquiries/Comments button above. You may also click on the Mug Club Questions button above for further information.

You can find the full PLBC findings here.

The quick and the dirty at this time seems to be that Iron Hill Mug Club members are just going to have to pony up an extra ¢50 for their beer.  I’m sure most of them can afford it, but it’s a shame that regulators felt the need to crack down on a promotion that’s been in existence for 10 years.

I’ve sent Emails to both Stewart’s Brewpub and Two Stones Pub to see if they have any concerns of Iron Hill’s fall out with PA regulators drifting across state lines into Delaware (outside of the two Iron Hill locations in DE) although both beer spots operate their Mug Clubs differently from Iron Hill.  Two Stones Pub quickly replied, stating simply that they would adhere to any regulation changes if any should occur.

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