Tasters – Blogtography Continued, Out With Winter

So spring is right around the corner and I can think of no better way to help expedite its arrival than to purge all the photos of winter from my camera and phone. And of course, that means another collection of photographs that never got used in the blog. No other set up needed, let’s move on to the pixels.


Scaldis Noel is one of my favorite Christmas season beers. And the bottle is nice as well, so of course it’s picture worthy.


Cindy Small who organizes the Delaware Wine and Beer Festival once referred to me on the event’s Facebook page as “celebrity beer blogger Ed”, much to the amusement of my friends. So Tracey stepped up for Christmas this year and got me four etched beer glasses. Three say “Dogs of Beer”. The fourth is pictured below.


 Delirium Noel is my default Christmas Eve beer. Once I set up the shot, I realized what was really making the scene work was the blinking lights so I attempted my first animated GIF in Photoshop.



My little slice of Narnia.


Yes, we did go to some events over the past couple of months. Here’s a gentleman enjoying his novelty plate from the 16 Mile Brewing Company. The photo was taken at the Wine About What Ales You event in Historic New Castle.


Can’t upset the editor and not have a pizza picture. Tracey and I voting for the Disco Brisket pizza (Iron Hill Brewery) at Argilla Brewing’s Brewers Pizza Night. Sadly, the Betty Boop (Pizza By Elizabeths) won. Don’t get me wrong, Elizabeths made a damn fine pie, but Iron Hill’s had duck bacon. DUCK BACON!!


After a day long ice storm the weather broke and icicles were falling from everywhere. You could actually stand on my back deck and listen to them snap and fall from the trees, gutters, whatever. So…..


Speaking of the editor, when you have a black dog who loves the snow the shoot just screams “black and white” and if you couldn’t tell, I love to pump up the contrast on my black and whites.

Buddy High Contrast

Coming up on the photo-side – you’ve captured the perfect image and can’t wait to share it with your followers. But how you display it in WordPress may make a difference on how your readers see it. We’ll take a look as several of the options available, and how they impact your photos.



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Beer Blog focused on Delaware & surrounding area. Drinker of beer. Writer of stuff. Over user of commas. Dangler of prepositions.

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