Tasters – Another Blogtography Post

I thought it was probably time to do another “Tasters” post. Since my previous (and inaugural) post was back in July, I won’t feel hurt if you don’t remember the premise.

These are photos (beer related or otherwise) that I’ve taken that never got used in the blog (although with a couple of these, “not yet” would be more adequate). Short little blurbs helped out by 500 pixels x 350 pixels of whatever imagery that was running around in my head that my camera happened to capture. Little ideas that never became big posts.

For those who asked last time, I’ll give a reminder: All photos taken with either my HTC phone, or my Canon T3i. Post processing done in either Digital Photo Professional (Canon software, for RAW files), Paint.net (for JPG files) or a combination of both.

So with that….

I’ve always said that Twin Lakes’ Greenville Pale Ale can go with me anywhere. In this case in accompanied me to the Motley Crue/Alice Cooper show at the Susquehanna Bank Center, NJ.


Another tailgate photo from the MC/AC show. If you’re going to have a friend who’s only found one Belgian beer he likes, it doesn’t hurt that it’s Brouwerij Van Steenberge Piraat Ale. Apple Dixie cups optional.


We were all excited to learn that Pizza By Elizabeths was going to start brewing their own beer. Their honey, basil ale was a decent enough first offering (although Tracey and I though it tasted a bit soapy). They’ve made other beer since, but we haven’t been back, and so far PbE is flying under the radar not having really joined in with the community of other brewers in Delaware.


This is from the lunar eclipse back in October. I admit there’s some color correction and a lot of sharpening post process on this one, but it didn’t turn out bad for a snapshot off of a tripod.


Tracey and I relaxing at The Cat’s Eye, Fells Point, Baltimore.


Argilla Pizza
Sharing pizza and a beer with my son at Argilla Brewing.

Buddy Avatar 50Do you suffer from Sicilizymurinstaphobia?



Buddy Avatar 50The irrational fear of eating pizza with a beer and not taking a picture of it to post on social media.


Ha. Ha. Funny. If you must know, wait…what’s that?

Buddy Avatar 50What?


That picture next to your words.

Buddy Avatar 50OH! That’s my avatar. Like it?


Avatar? What the hell?

Buddy Avatar 50Well we were talking at the last Friday afternoon meeting and we thought it would be beneficial for your readers to really know when it’s me interjecting into your post and an avatar seemed to be the best way to do it.

I told you, we don’t have Friday afternoon meetings.

Buddy Avatar 50Sure we do, just because you think you’re to cool to show up to them doesn’t mean they don’t happen!



Buddy Avatar 50You can keep saying that, but it doesn’t make it true. Anyway, like I said, we decided that this would help your readers follow our conversations more easily.

Who the hell is WE?

Buddy Avatar 50Everyone who was at the Friday meeting. There was me, the three geese, bear, Simba, bunny, a tennis ball..



Buddy Avatar 50So you say, yet there the avatar is…


God, we are so going to have a talk when I get home. In the mean time, can I please continue with the post.

Buddy Avatar 50Sure. You go for it.  Bet you have another picture of pizza. It’s like a sickness.


Shut up!

The boys from the Roaming Raven food truck take a break from serving food at this year’s Delaware Wine and Beer Festival to have a little fun with me (full post to come).


This is a cheat. I took this photo probably 15 years ago at the pier in New Castle, DE and had the a digital copy dupped off of a slide. Lots of color popping here to bring out the rainbow. It’s no longer possible to take this picture as the put up an ugly safety fence around the pier.


I drank several Left Coast Voodoo American Stouts over the Halloween season. I recommend it highly. The skull is lit from a light above, I got lucky that it made the eyes glow. The bottle label is lit during exposure with a small hand held light. Green and reds are boosted in post processing to make the shot more vibrant.

And finally…


Buddy Avatar 50Go ahead, I have ALL day…


Damn, you…

Pizza and beer at Lancaster Brewing (Full Post to come).

Buddy Avatar 50BAH!!!!!! I was right. You have a sickness. A deep, perverted sickness.


Shut up couch licker.

We thought Buddy should get a little experience running with The Dogs if he’s going to be editor. So we brought him the Highland Games in Fairhill, MD. As you can see, he found the event very exciting, and very tiring.

Buddy Avatar 50I wasn’t tired! I’m trying to shut out the bagpipes from my head!


The bagpipes sounded great.

Buddy Avatar 50Maybe to you! Try it around 45,000mhz! You know there’s subliminal messaging up in that range telling you to “eat more haggis”.


No there is not!

Buddy Avatar 50Yes there is. Or in your case it probably says, “eat more pizza. And take a picture.”


Sigh, wait until I get home.





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Beer Blog focused on Delaware & surrounding area. Drinker of beer. Writer of stuff. Over user of commas. Dangler of prepositions.

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