A few months ago my friend Patrick Huff over at Craftandthebeast.com asked me if I’d be interested in contributing to a site he was just starting up called the Delaware Valley Beer Bloggers.

Patrick’s goal is to gather a group of local area bloggers that would build a community of sorts by providing a site where we can all post one or two articles a month outside of our regular blogs.

At first I didn’t know if I wanted to (or even could) take on something that would pull time from tDoB, but eventually I agreed because I think it’s a fantastic idea. So the first and third Friday of every month, I’ll be writing a series of articles entitled “Beer Relics” about the things that I’ve collected in my beer travels over the years that are currently collecting dust in my barroom. Here is my first article about a bottle of Dock Street that had the label purposefully placed upside down as a protest against unfair beer trade practices in the late 80 early 90s.

This will be the only one I’ll be cross posting here, so follow the DVBB if interested in reading more. And if you’re interested in becoming a contributor to the DVBB, click the CONTACT ME button on the menu bar.

Delaware Valley Beer Bloggers

[I’d like to thank Patrick Huff for asking me to be one of the first contributors to his Delaware Valley Beer Bloggers projectEvery two weeks I’ll be doing an article on a “Beer Relic”, a piece of memorabilia that’s laying around my barroom with the goal of providing some historical perspective and some personal memories ~ Ed]

Anyone who knows the local craft beer world should not have their mind draw a blank when they hear the words “Dock Street Brewery”.  Dock Street, being one of the first microbreweries in the states and the first to incorporate in the city of Philadelphia, has been a fixture in the craft beer scene.

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Author: Ed (The Dogs of Beer)

Beer Blog focused on Delaware & surrounding area. Drinker of beer. Writer of stuff. Over user of commas. Dangler of prepositions.

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