Brew Review (?) – Mott’s Real Lemon Shandy

So late Saturday night my editor and I engaged in the following conversation.  Ok, the conversation may have only been in my head due in no small  part to this:

But the out come was the same none the less.

EDITOR: Alright, you’ve enjoyed a nice little break blogger boy, but it’s time to get back to the keyboard.  You need to have a post up on Monday.

ME: I know, I know.  I’ve got 5 or 6 things in my head with pictures to support them.  We’re good.

E: Great, but I think you should start off with a beer review.

M: Eh, I don’t want to do a beer review.  I’m just enjoying some nice, drinkable summer beers right now.  I’ll get back to doing reviews later.

E: Duffus, you do a beer blog.  You have to do reviews, it’s expected.  You haven’t done one in awhile.  It’s like a movie blogger taking off during the summer movie season to sit home and watch the same movie he’s seen 12 times.  Speaking of which, is that JJ Abram’s “Star Trek” you’re watching?

M: Yeah.

E: Arggggg, my point EXACTLY, how many times have you seen it?  Twenty?  Now get up, go downstairs, open your beer fridge, reach in and review the first thing you pull out.

M: If I do, will you leave me alone to watch my movie?

E: Yes…..go………

Mott’s Real Lemon “Shandy”

ME: Mott’s Real Lemon pours with a yellow color with green highlights.  There’s really no carbonation to speak of, either initially or after the pour.  In the nose the lemon really comes through strong, reminiscent of lemon pledge, sadly to the exclusion of everything else.  The flavor is more of the same, tangy lemon with a slight acidic bite towards the back end.  The mouth feel is syrupy, with little hint of any alcohol.  Interestingly enough, Mott’s doesn’t put the %ABV on the bottle at all, but I would believe this beverage to be “sessionable”.

I believe that Real Lemon would fall into the style of this “shandy” I’ve been hearing so much about.  Well if this is truly a representative example of the style than I can say with all certainty that it’s not my cup of lemon juice.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against a good fruit beer, but I feel that Real Lemon is just poorly balanced, the lemon over powering whatever malt and hops may be in it.  I wasn’t able to drink more than a couple of sips.  Truthfully, I would have enjoyed this more if it had been diluted with sugar water and sold to me by a little girl out of a stand down the block.  Maybe with some ice.

Now back to my movie……

[Editor’s note: You………..are a complete……..and utter …… ass]

Shhhhhh….Star Trek…….

Coming up: A Day in New Hope, Troeg’s Two Stones tap take over, a friend gets a make over, and real reviews return….


Author: Ed (The Dogs of Beer)

Beer Blog focused on Delaware & surrounding area. Drinker of beer. Writer of stuff. Over user of commas. Dangler of prepositions.

5 thoughts on “Brew Review (?) – Mott’s Real Lemon Shandy”

    1. When I was putting this post together I was actually kind of how shocked it smells by it self. Not “fresh” at all. I use it on occasion (obviously since I had a bottle in my fridge) but only when I don’t have fresh lemons around. Do you have a bottled Lemon juice brand you prefer using more? Or is it fresh squeezed all the time?

  1. The kids here would love to sell that. They had a lemonade stand this week and even at 5 cents a glass they could barely move a drop. Real Lemon might sell a little better. Of course we’d get even more warning letters from the Strata Council than we’re already getting now.
    I love that Star Trek movie.

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