The Local Tap – Stateline Liquors

It feels odd on the one hand to do a “Local Tap” segment on a liquor store, but on the other hand I felt it was time to give a tip of the hat to a place without which, this blog would simply not be possible.

Stateline liquors (Web : Facebook) has been run by the Murray family for over 30 years.  In that time they’ve built the store into one of the biggest liquor suppliers in the region.  While the store excels in all areas, of course it’s their beer selection that keeps me coming back.  Robert Murray is “the beer guy”, and he does everything he can to make sure his costumers have access to just about anything that is distributed into the state of Maryland. It’s almost impossible not to find something you didn’t know they carried every time you walk into the store.  Recently while talking with a fellow customer, I was shocked to find I was standing right across from a selection of beers from Evil Twin, a brewery that I’ve heard a lot about recently but wasn’t aware that it was available in our area.

But the store goes beyond the traditional paradigm of a liquor store.  The “champagne room” in the back houses a bar with a working set of taps.  Customers are encouraged to sample the beers to find one they’d like to purchase.  The bar also serves as the location for monthly beer tastings as well as a hangout for beer traders who come in and share beers they’ve received with Robert’s staff.  I think DoB co-found Chuck said it best, “Stateline is the only liquor store I know that people bring beer to.”

For a short time, Stateline was also offering growlers for sale from the back bar.  Sadly, it was discovered that this violated a Maryland “repackaging” law and had to be discontinued.  Hopefully one day they’ll get that straightened out, because I have a few growlers that are in need of a refill.

What makes Stateline extremely advantageous for me is that all beer is entered into the system down to the bottle/can unit, which means costumers are free to break any and all six-packs or four-packs of bottles or cans we wish.  I’m sure it’s not lost on my fellow bloggers the convenience of not having to buy a full six-pack  every time you want to review a beer.

But enough words, let’s take a tour….

The side shelves – beers from Europe (excluding common mainstream beer and beers from Belgium) including the Baltic States, Scandinavia and the Eastern Bloc countries continue off camera to the right.  Beers from Australia, New Zealand and Japan can be found on shelves which are off camera to the left.


Belgian Row – Beers from Great Britain run about four feet down the left hand shelves, then the rest of the run is all Belgian beers.  The coolers on the right house more mainstream foreign beers like Amstel, Hoegaarden, Guinness, etc


Another shot of Belgian row from the other end.


American Craft Beer – bombers on both sides with some specialty four-packs thrown in.  The coolers on the right house all American craft six-packs.  Down by the cart on the left are shelves set up for American craft beer in cans, and brewery sampler twelve-packs and cases.  On the other side of the shelves to the right are more beers along with a healthy selection of meads and ciders.


The Bar – Champagne on the left, glassware on the right and of course, beer on draft.



Author: Ed (The Dogs of Beer)

Beer Blog focused on Delaware & surrounding area. Drinker of beer. Writer of stuff. Over user of commas. Dangler of prepositions.

2 thoughts on “The Local Tap – Stateline Liquors”

  1. What an awesome beer store. Very nice post. I’d love to post some pics of our government liquor store but it wouldn’t be the same and they probably wouldn’t let me in 😦

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