Letting it Go…..

As tends to happen most Tuesdays, I was displaced from my spot on the couch so that the XX’s in my house could watch Glee.  Don’t get me wrong,  nothing wrong with Glee but I don’t watch it unless the musical theme appeals to me and Tuesday’s theme was music from the album Saturday Night Fever.  Well I had a polyester suit and danced to it in the 70s, so I feel I’ve done my time. So I grabbed an acid cigar and a beer and went outside.

The beer I grabbed was Victory’s Headwaters pale ale.  I had bought a six of it the night before because I was just looking for something to enjoy.  I’d had it on tap about 11 months ago, and I kinda remembered liking it so I thought I’d revisit it.  The night was cool and clear.  Venus was bright in the sky.  It was perfect.

It’s probably a common trap for anyone who writes at any level to sometimes forget that it’s the subject they love, if not so much the actual writing.  In the case of myself writing a beer blog, every trip to the liquor store runs the risk of being just about the next series of beer reviews.  A trip to a new bar or pub turns into the next blog post.    So easy is it to lose sight as to  why you started to write about your chosen subject to begin with.  Sometimes you just have to step back.  Sometimes you just have to let it go….

That night as I stood on my dark deck watching Venus silently slide down to the horizon it all just clicked.  The night, the beer, the cigar – it all came together in one of those moments that I’m sure every beer lover has enjoyed.  A moment when the beer just made the moment so much better.  Oh, I’m not going to lie, you can’t just turn it off.  I analyzed that beer.  The grapefruit scented hops that reminded me so much of the ones we’ve written about lately.  The spicy, peppery finish that made me wonder what other hop variety (if any) they may have used.  How the cool malt of the beer helped to calm the hot smoke of the cigar.  How the spiciness of the finish in the beer was playing well with the spices that Acid uses to age their cigars in.  Yes, I analyzed the F’ out of the beer!  For about 15 seconds….and then I let it go…

I have a fridge of beers ready to go for what I hope will be a my next round of beer reviews.  But tonight, I’ve got a couple of Headwaters left over and another cigar.  I think I’m going back out on my deck later and remind myself again why it is I do this.  Why I love beer.  And just let it go…

And yes my sharp eye readers, I did just write a blog post about it not always being about a blog post.  David Copperfield ain’t got sh*t on me.

Author: Ed (The Dogs of Beer)

Beer Blog focused on Delaware & surrounding area. Drinker of beer. Writer of stuff. Over user of commas. Dangler of prepositions.

3 thoughts on “Letting it Go…..”

  1. I understand completely. Sometimes, you have to turn off your brain and just enjoy the experience. Nice (non)blog.

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