Brew Review – Eylsian Brewing’s Nibiru

Elysian Brewery's Nibiru with art from Charles Burns

Ok, I KNOW the question that’s been plaguing you for some time.  It’s the end of the world, the apocalypse is upon you and there’s only one thing on your mind – What the hell am I going to drink?  Well luckily the folks at Eylsian Brewing have the answer for you.

I first picked up a bottle of beer from this Seattle brewery when I was putting together a cooler of surprises for a buddy’s BBQ.  The bottle of Bete Blanche got good comments from the group so I started picking up more of their beers as they came into the store.  The other day at Two Stones Pub I had their Poison Dwarf and Idiot Sauvin on draft and greatly enjoyed both.  So the next day when I was at State Line I glanced down the Eylsian selection and saw a label I hadn’t seen before, Eylsain Brewing’s Nibiru.   A quick glance at the label and I knew I had to try this beer, the first in the brewery’s “12 Beers of the Apocalypse” series.

The brewery has teamed up with Fantagraphics Books, a Seattle publishing company known for cutting edge comics to do a series of beers leading up to the Mayan “doomsday” on December 21st, 2012.  The series will consist of 12 beers, each released on the 21st of every month.  The beers will consist of different styles, and some interesting ingredients are on the horizon.  Nibiru was released on January 21st and  is named after a planet that some believe is on a future collision course with Earth.  The label features artwork from Charles Burn’s Harvey Award winning Black Hole graphic novel.   The next beer in the series was Rapture, an ale brewed with heather, which was released on the 21st of February.  Fallout follows in March.  So does this beer have what it takes to get your through hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, the dead rising, the sky turning red, a Justin Beiber concert or the next SyFy channel original movie?  Let’s taste.

THEM:  Nibiru is a belgian-style triple brewed with a Yerba Mate which is a South American plant.  Plants used that are more commonly found in beer include German Northern Brewer, Czech Saaz and American Amarillo hops.  The beer clocks in at 7.6% ABV.

You know this it what really happened.

ME:  Nibiru pours clear and straw colored with a thin layer of lace across the top.  The nose is light with notes of apple and pear along with something I can’t quiet put my finger on that I’m assuming comes from the yerba mate.  The flavor starts with a slight sweetness but quickly turns into the apple/pear that’s in the noise.  There’s also a little bit of earthiness or woodiness to the flavor which really plays well with the fruit tones that again may come from the yerba mate .  The beer finishes with a light bitterness that doesn’t clean the sweetness totally from your mouth, so you’re left with a sticky sweetness in the front with a hop bite in the back.

Eylsian is becoming on of my favorite breweries and Nibiru did nothing to sway me from that opinion.  It’s a nice beer with an interesting twist in the flavor.  I look forward to trying the rest of the “12 Beers of the Apocalypse” as the year goes by.  And who knows, maybe I’ll grab a bottle of each and save them until December.  If you’re in the area on the 21st of that month stop in.  I’ll be the one sitting on my deck with a cooler of Eylsians next to me watching the world come to an end.  Cue the REM music….

Time for another beer.

Coming up, some thoughts on Max’s Belgian Beer Fest and Saint Paddy’s day is right around the corner.  So what better time to talk about one of my favorite movies that has beer in it!

Author: Ed (The Dogs of Beer)

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One thought on “Brew Review – Eylsian Brewing’s Nibiru”

  1. I miss Elysian (the Haybag and I lived in Seattle for a year). I had Idiot Sauvin while skiing in Wyoming. I liked it, but I had it after Sound Brewing’s Humulo Nimbus, which rocked my tongue 6 ways from Sunday.

    This one sounds pretty good! Thanks for the review.

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