The Local Tap : Two Stone Pub’s Dogfish Head Happy Hour


Recently Two Stones Pub held a happy hour for Dogfish Head brewery.  Not only were 12 DFH beers featured on tap, but owner Sam Calagione stopped by for awhile to talk to people in the crowd.  And a crowd there was.  By the time I showed up at 4:30 the place was packed with thirsty customers.  By the time Tracey showed up (Twitter: @malinoisgirl) she had to wait 15 minutes before they would let her in.

As I waited for 5:00 to come around (the time when they would start serving the DFH beers), I grabbed an Arrogant Bastard and checked out the beer list.  Most of the beers I’ve had before but I was glad to see that they had brought their recently released Faithfull, another beer in their music series that celebrates the 20 year anniversary of the band Pearl Jam and their release of the album “10”.  At first I found the beer to simply be OK.  But by the time I could see the bottom of my mug, it had grown on me.  I was tempted to order another to see if my appreciation for it would continue to grow, but there was a chalkboard full of DFH beers to chose from and and I’m not a “same beer twice” kind of guy normally.

Tracey and I enjoying some DFH beers!

I continued on my musical journey with a mug of  Hell Hound on my Ale.  A  beer brewed in honor of famous blues man Robert Johnson.  As usual I found the beer excellent and tonight was no exception.  I really think the beers in the music series rank as my favorite DFH offerings.

I mug of  the aptly named Black and Blue was next.  The blackberry/blueberry combo marked a stark contrast to the previous beers.

Next up was the Burton Baton, a blend of English Old ale and Imperial IPA which is then aged in oak barrels.  I tend not to be a big fan of oaked beers but since the beer only spends a month in the wood the notes picked up from it are not overwhelming.  This is quickly becoming on of my favorite DFH beers.

And of course no evening of DFH would be complete without a sample of the 75 minute IPA on cask.  I’m a cask beer fanatic, and when people ask me “is cask beer really that good” I point them in this direction.

Two Stones vs Dogfish Head

Another event that highlighted the evening was the Two Stones/DFH randall verse randall competition.  If you’re not familiar with a randall,  you can get the background from this previous blog entry.  DFH set up Palo Santo through vanilla beans and chocolate vodka strawberries.  Two Stones answered with Midas Touch through fresh sage, ginger and cranberries.  This was to be our last beers of the night so Tracey got one and I got a glass of the other and we set out to see who won.  Unfortunately, all we could detect were slight traces of the infusions in each beer.  The amount of beer being pulled through the randalls either took all the flavors out, or the beer was being pulled so quickly that it did not have time enough to sit in the first chamber to get properly infused.  However, there was enough in both the beers to determine that we liked the Two Stone randall the best, which is saying a lot because I’m not a big Midas Touch fan.  Take that DFH!

Patrick Huff (@BeerDelaware) right, enjoying the evening with a fellow beer lover.

Another great thing about the night was the chance to meet some fellow local craft beer lovers.  I got a chance to talk with Patrick Huff  (Twitter: @BeerDelaware) who is starting what I’m sure will be an excellent blog on the beer scene in the state of Delaware.  This guy knows his stuff and you can find his blog  here.  I also got a chance to meet Jay from Beer Thursday (Twitter: @BeerThursday) the leader behind a local group of guys who are regularly organizing some amazing beer tastings.   You can see what these insane guys are doing here.  By the looks of things, I’d say Delaware craft beer is well represented in the blog universe.

A few other twitter folks were in attendance as well, but the bar was so crowded we just didn’t connect.  But by the end of the night Tracey and I agreed that it was an awesome evening.  We’re looking forward to the next Two Stones event.    Hope you are too.

Time for another beer.

Coming up: Two Stone Pub’s “Black Friday” and (hopefully) The Dogs of Beer reunite for a pub crawl through NYC.


Author: Ed (The Dogs of Beer)

Beer Blog focused on Delaware & surrounding area. Drinker of beer. Writer of stuff. Over user of commas. Dangler of prepositions.

3 thoughts on “The Local Tap : Two Stone Pub’s Dogfish Head Happy Hour”

  1. Haha!! That is my buddies and I in the “PACKED!” picture at the top. We got there early enough to grab the rail, and it turned out to be an awesome night! I too also like the Midas randall better!

  2. Justin, thanks for stopping by. After awhile we grabbed the rail in the back room where the kegs a lined up. It was a little less crowded. I’ve been wondering if their recent Yards night brought in the same number of people, but haven’t heard.

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