Halloween – A Craftbeer Lover’s Night of Trick-or-Treating.

Not a bad Trick-or-Treat haul. We have awesome neighbors!

Ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you, “Halloween is Ed’s favorite holiday.”  Yeah I know, some people don’t see it as a holiday but there’s a lot of historical data to back me up.  It’s steeped in Celtic traditions as well as borrowing heavily from cultures all around the world.

Of course the great thing about Halloween when we were young was trick-or-treating.  Walking around the neighborhood in a scary outfit looking for the house that was giving out the best candy.  Fun wasn’t it.  Well just because we’re a little older now doesn’t mean we can’t relive the fun of trick-or-treats.  And of course there’s no reason why we can’t look for something a little more enticing than candy, right?   Let’s walk around the neighborhood.

The first part of our development that we’re going to go to is USA street. No discussion on Halloween beers would be without  Dead Guy ale.  This Maibock style beer is brewed with Harrington and Klages malts and hopped with Perle and Saaz.  Rogue uses their Pacman yeast to ferment.  Dead Guy is a fine malty glass of beer, even if you don’t like Halloween you should seek it out.  Luckily, the Rogue house we stop at first is giving it out.  Hey! Where did you get that  Halloween ale?  Oh, over there at the Gritty McDuff’s while I was looking through my bag.  Nice.  Maybe I’ll come back and hit them later.

Next door is Appalachian Brewing with their 666 ale.  I recently had this and really enjoyed it.  I’m happy to see it dropped into my bag.  Next door is the  DuClaw family.  You get Hellrazer and I get Mysterium – Charlie Brown gets a rock.  Will that kid never catch a break?  We find out later that they were also giving out Devil’s Milk.  Oh well, maybe next year.  Passing by a house that’s obviously giving out Bud we arrive at the Weyerbacher residence.  What would Halloween be without a little Insanity?  Pretty boring really.  The final house on the street is the New Holland house.  They’re giving out Ichabod.  We might have to go back later for seconds.  Maybe they won’t remember we were here earlier.

Some Halloween time favorites.

Next we go over to England lane where the first house is the Young’s  giving out Old Nick, a barlywine that I have to admit at the time of this writing I’m not sure they still make.  Consider it a ghost.  Moorhouse is the house on the left.  Their trio Black Cat, Blonde Witch and Pendle Witch’s Brew make a fine addition to our treat bag.  We walk across the street to the finely decorated  Wytchwood house.   And with names like Scarecrow, Hobgoblin, Wychcraft and King Goblin they really add to the Halloween spirit.

What?  Stop at the house giving out candy apples?  Sure why not.  I could use a snack.

Turning left we walk down the side street of  Belgium place.  The first house is giving out brouwerij riva s.a’s Lucifer, nice!  The lady in the next house gives us Duvel – which she tells us translates into Devil from several local dialects.  Two houses down are the Fantome’s where we each get a bottle of Black Ghost.  Our treat bag is getting heavy – we might have to go back home to drop off some stuff.

Belgium place tees into France Rue.  Where we get a bottle of Belzebuth from the Brasserie Grain d’Org house.  And down the road we get a Les Brasseurs de Gayant. from the La Biere du Demon family.  Nice folks!

Not sure why this guy died, but we suspect it was from lack of craft beer!


At this point we realize that our bags are full.  Not only have hit the best houses in the neighborhood, but in between we picked up some nice Pumpkin beers as well.  It’s getting late, better get home.  After all, the best part about  Halloween is going through your bag and drinking some of  your treats!  One last house as we turn back on to USA street are our neighbors the  Brooklyn’s .  Since they know us they pull out the special stuff :Monster Ale – different vintages!  Looks like the makings of a vertical!

Hope your treat bag was filled with your favorite beers, Halloween or otherwise.  Time for another beer.

Author: Ed (The Dogs of Beer)

Beer Blog focused on Delaware & surrounding area. Drinker of beer. Writer of stuff. Over user of commas. Dangler of prepositions.

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