Brew Review – Brew Dog’s Dogma

Some "Dogs" I have enjoyed!

A few days ago I got a tweet from the guys at TheBEERSgoneBAD asking if I’d had Brew Dog’s Dogma and if so, what did I think of it.  I’ve had the pleasure of having many of Brew Dog’s beers, both in Scotland and here in the States and they are one of my favorite breweries. If they hadn’t asked me, I’d have probably gotten around to several of their beers eventually, but under the belief that “there’s no time like the present”, let’s take a look.

Brew Dog created quite a stir in the brewing industry in 2009 when they released the interestingly named Tactical Nuclear Penguin.  Double barrel aged for 14 months and then frozen at a local ice cream factory for 21 days, the beer clocked in at 32% alcohol and was a monster.  Every beer geek I knew wanted a bottle, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one – and it is huge.  Most breweries would stop there, but not these guys!  Next came Sink the Bismark IPA at 41%, followed by End of History at 55% bottled inside a taxidermied squirrel.  Yeah, you read that right – some times when I read these guy’s webpage, I think they’re just playing on big joke on the brewing world.  But a squirrel?  Heck, that’s nothing.  Why don’t we have a beer that’s served from a taxidermied deer head?

Well compared to all that, Dogma is a pretty tame (but still remarkable) beer.  Let’s have a look:

THEM : The grain bill for Dogma consists of Marris Otter Extra Pale, Caramalt, roasted barley, Dark Crystal Malt, and Munich Malts.  Bramiling Cross and Amarillo hops are added as well as poppy, guarana, kola nut and Scottish heather honey.  Target OG is 1072, fermentation leaves it at 7.8% alcohol.  All that is balanced out by 65 IBUs.

ME : Dogma pours clean with a medium fine head.  The color in my glass goes from light to dark copper from bottom to top.  As I raise the glass to take a sip the subtle notes of malt and honey enter my nose.  On the tongue a slight sweetness echoing the malt and honey starts in the front which turns into nice (not overly bitter) hop spiciness in the back.  Bottom line, this is just an easy drinking beer.  The 7.8% alcohol is hidden well, and it goes down as easy as some 4.5% beers I’ve had.  And my 1pint, 6.4oz bottle only ran me about $6.50 so enjoy it more often I will!

The guys at TheBEERSgoneBAD described Dogma as “liquid honey”but I usually reserve that description for Dogfish Head’s 120 minute IPA.  You can see their excellent review here.   Thanks guys for giving me a reason to enjoy it one more time.  It won’t be the last (and hopefully not the last time at Bannerman’s in Edinburgh).  Time for another beer….

You can follow Brew Dog on Twitter HERE

You can follow the guys at TheBEERSgoneBAD on Twitter HERE

What’s your favorite Brew Dog beer?

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